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Vintage Bulova Watch Repairs

What is Included?
We provide a complete vintage Bulova watch restoration service here at vintagebulova. Your vintage Bulova watch is completely disassembled.  The case is cleaned and then polished to a high sheen.  The dial is professionally restored. The crystal is polished or a new crystal is fitted.  The movement is completely disassembled and cleaned in several ultrasonic baths.  It is lubricated using only the finest Swiss oils and grease.  It is then timed to assure optimal accuracy.  A new leather band is fitted.

Before and After Photos.
Have a look at the before and after photos below.  As you can see this vintage Bulova watch was in sad shape when it arrived here.  When it left it was a work of art.  Talk about your silk purse from a sows ear!

How Much Does it Cost?
A typical vintage Bulova watch restoration runs $350 to $400 dollars.  If additional parts are needed costs will be higher.  You will be provided with an estimate prior to work commencing. The vintage Bulova watch pictured above was purchased by a customer on EBay for $35.  As you can see this watch was a great restoration value.

Here's what some of my customers had to say.

The watch looks GREAT! I never even thought it could look that good! Thanks!

I forgot to thank you - the watch came out beautifully and runs very well.

Just wanted you to know that we received the watch today. It is beautiful! The difference is amazing!

I received the watch yesterday, and couldn't be more pleased with the job you did. My grandfather gave it to me just before he passed away in 1986, and it's been languishing in a drawer since then. I have no doubt he would be very happy that I am wearing it with pride today. Thanks for your great work.

Thank you so much. It`s a real pleasure doing business with people of integrity. We look forward to telling our friends of the work you have performed.

Just wanted to let you know that I have received several compliments on the restored watch. Thanks

I just received the watch today. It looks fantastic and I'm very impressed with how it really cleaned up.

The watch is fabulous. You worked a miracle. Worth every penny. Thank you so much.

What can I say....BEAUTIFUL JOB. The watch looks great and I have no doubt it will work perfectly. The band is exactly as I remember the original being. I could be wrong about that but as my memory serves, it is correct. I can not thank you enough for you have given me back a piece of my Dad and my memories of his love for this great timepiece. I must say I am very attracted to this watch collecting hobby. I am trying not to get too involved though since 1 more collecting hobby may be the straw that breaks the camel's back...(my wife). She has been very understanding and supportive up until now but if I pick up another expensive hobby it may get rough...LOL. However, you may rest assured that if I do, YOU will be my WATCH GUY. Even if I don't you will be getting the routine service work on this one. Again, you have my deepest heartfelt thanks, I believe you understand exactly how much the watch means to me.

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